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Content Filtering

Content Filtering Recommendations

The Utah State Legislature passed a bill in 2018 that mandates Optic Loop, as your Internet Service Provider, to make recommendations for content filtering options that will filter content that may be deemed inappropriate for minors. This bill is called SB0134 – Materials Harmful to Minors. The information provided is a recommendation and we encourage our customers to research solutions for content filtering that work best for their individual situations, since the choice to filter content and which content to filter lies with you, the consumer. Optic Loop is not affiliated with any of the companies or websites suggested below. We cannot be held liable for any content which the following solutions do or do not filter while using our internet service. We are providing these recommendations to you, as the consumer, because we are legally required to do so, under the threat of penalties and fines.

There are many different options for filtering content, with some of the options requiring a hardware device, while others install software on your router, computer, or wireless device. Devices that work for content filtering include the Disney Circle, which can be purchased at most major retailers, as well as a Netgear router, which has parental controls built into their Genie hardware. These types of devices filter at the router level. Information for each of these hardware device options can be found on their respective manufacturer websites.

Another option is to use special DNS servers, so you do not have to monitor every device at your home individually. These types of options require a static public IP address to be added to your account in order to work properly. Contact Optic Loop for more information on adding a public IP to your account, as there is an additional monthly charge for this service.

Below you will find additional options for filtering content that range in price and difficulty level to install them. Again, it is up to you as the consumer to research the different options available for content filtering, as these are just recommendations.

OpenDNS FamilyShield (Free)

This option runs at the router level and already has “blocklists” created for your convenience. The parental control tools will automatically block domains on your whole home network that OpenDNS has flagged as inappropriate content. Setup may be tricky for some users, since you need to change the DNS nameservers on your device(s). However, OpenDNS has provided a step by step guide to assist you in this process. This option may require a static public IP address, so please contact us for more information on adding this to your account, since it will result in an additional monthly charge.

Qustodio (Free / Paid Version Available)

This option is great for filtering unsuitable content, as well as allowing you to set time limits on usage. It is available for multiple platforms for the free version and if you pay to upgrade, you will also have the option to get SMS monitoring, social media features, as well as per-app controls. For more information, visit their website.

Norton Security Premium (Paid Subscription)

This option requires a paid subscription and prices vary based upon the subscription length that you choose. Norton Security Premium helps to provide comprehensive protection for up to 10 devices on multiple platforms with a single subscription. Along with content filtering to protect your family from unsafe content, it also can manage internet usage, defend against viruses and other online threats, backup your documents and other information on your PC, as well as provide secure cloud storage (features are subject to change at any time). For more information, visit their website.

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